Welcome to this site and thank you for buying our Homemade SAMBAL Chili Sauce.

The SAMBAL Chili Sauce is made with you in mind. You may use the SAMBAL Chilli Sauce as a dipping sauce. But if you are feeling a little bit adventurous with the sauce, here is a secret …in one jar of the sauce you are able to create a tasty, exciting and simple to cook meals that will most definitely impress your friends and family.Homemade SAMBAL Chili Sauce

Here are a few recipes on how to maximize the use of your SAMBAL Chili Sauce:

Or create your own recipe and enjoy the experience. At the very least all you have to do is add one or two more ingredients such as lime juice, or lemongrass, or ginger or soy sauce.

For those interested in trying our homemade SAMBAL Chili Sauce, do come and visit us at the St. Nicks Street Food Friday every Friday from 11am- 2.30 pm(Wine Street, BS1 1 JQ) We will be happy to serve you and answer questions you might want to know about how to use and enjoy this product.Rectangle Sambal logo2

Product information:

£4 a jar,  weights 206 g, freshly made, no preservatives or sugar.

Able to be used for three cookings and longer if used for dippings only.

Good for Vegetarian, Vegan and it is Gluten free.

Keep refrigerated after opening and good for two weeks.

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