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SATAY AYAM & NASI GORENG £12.5 – This is our most popular dish, marinated chicken grilled in skewers coated with homemade satay peanut sauce, served with fried rice made from homemade chilli paste, and spicy tofu & veg stir fry.



SOTO MIE £10 – Beef Brisket soup with vermicelli and egg noodles, topped with slices of spring rolls, rice cakes, and vegetables served with lemon grass beef broth (Halal Meat, Gluten)



BEEF RENDANG AND TURMERIC RICE £12.5– a slow-cooked beef in rich Indonesian herbs, spices, and coconut milk (Mild) (Halal Meat, Gluten Free)

Beef Rendang & Turmeric Rice


GADO-GADO £9.5– mixed salad served with Gado-gado peanut sauce. You can choose your level of spiciness: Mild, Medium, High. (Gluten Free, Contain Peanuts, Soya)

Gado- gado


NASI GORENG KAMBING £12.5-Mutton Fried rice is not just any fried rice, is a dish full of fragrant herbs and spices topped with mutton and a zest of lemon juice. (Halal Meat, Soya)

Nasi Goreng Kambing


CURRY ACEH FRIED NOODLES £11.5 – Egg noodles cooked in tradition North Aceh ingredients, served with prawns and chicken. (Gluten, Crustacean, Soya, Halal Chicken)

Curry Aceh Fried Noodles


Beef Rendang £16.5/500 grams

Beef cuts cooked in rich Indonesian herbs, spices and coconut milk cooked by following the traditional cooking methods of Rendang. Delivered in vacuum pack ambient temperature. Good to store in the freezer for 2 months. Required heating for consumption. (Halal Meat, Gluten Free)

Beef Rendang (Bulk)


Kering Tempe (Glazed tempe with sweet soy sauce and chili) £13.5/500grams:

Thinly sliced Tempe prepared with chili, lemon grass, sweet soy sauce. Delivered in vacuum pack ambient temperature. Store in dry place, do not freeze. Do not require heating, good for food toppings or can be eaten as a main dish or even a snack! (Soya, Peanuts)

Kering Tempe (Bulk)


Fried Chicken £10.5/3pcs

Not just any fried chicken! This item is flavoured with coriander seeds, turmeric, galangal, and lemon grass. Cooked in coconut water and coconut milk before deep fried. (Halal Chicken,Gluten Free)

Fried Chicken (Bulk)