Roast chicken is not typically Indonesian food, but as a “Fusion Indonesian Food” which combining a normal Roast Chicken with our SAMBAL Chili Sauce you will get a whole new experience of Roast Chicken for your dinner. I must admit, I do not sell Roast Chicken in my stall, but I’ve tried this combination and have it with close friends over lunch, and they all complemented this new dish.

Below is the recipe of Roast Chicken in SAMBAL Chili Sauce

Roast Chicken

  • Servings: 6
  • Difficulty: easy
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1 Whole free range Chicken

2 tbsp of SAMBAL Chili Sauce

25 gr of butter melted

4 tbsp of lime juice

To Cook:

Heat the oven to 180º C / Fan Oven.

Mix the SAMBAL Chili Sauce, melted butter, and the lime juice – seasoned with salt and pepper to your taste ( this is optional, you may opt out the salt and pepper)

Rub the mixture to the chicken, to maximise the flavor rub under the skin of the chicken as well.

Place the Chicken on a baking tray and cook in the oven for 1 1/2 hours or longer.

To Serve:

Place the chicken on a serving tray and pour the juice using a small colander from the baking tray over the chicken.

You can serve it with your favorite steam vegetables, mashed potatoes or steam rice. To add zest to this dish, use the SAMBAL Chili Sauce as a dip.

Roast Chicken in Sambal Chili Sauce 2


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