Here’s an idea to spice up your fruit basket. I happened to have one whole pineapple and a bunch of coriander leaves. But if you have other fruits available at home please try mixing up with the SAMBAL Chili Sauce using the ingredients below.

Other fruits that might go well with the type of ingredients of this sort are green apples,  young mangoes, tomatoes or a combination of these fruits.

It will go well with seafood, chicken, beef,  salads or on its own as a snack.

Pineaplpe in Sambal Chili Souce

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: easy
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1 whole pineapple

2tbsp of SAMBAL Chilli Sauce

A bunch of Coriander Leaves

2tbsp of Lime Juice.

To prepare:

Once the pineapple is cleaned and washed, rub a little bit of salt and let it stand.

Mixed the SAMBAL Chili Sauce and the lime juice together.

Diced the pineapple and pour the mixture to the pineapple and sprinkle it with the Coriander leaves.

To serve:

You may serve this pineapple salsa as a condiment with your Roast Chicken or Steam Fish or have it as a salad or even as a snack.

Pineapple in SAMBAL Chilli Sauce 1Pineapple in SAMBAL Chili Sauce 2

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