I happen to find these lovely Ramiro Peppers at Tesco and decided to create a simple but worth it meal from a combination of various things, this time it is tofu.

The sweetness of Ramiro peppers goes well with the sharp jolt of chili and savory tofu stuffings in SAMBAL Chili Sauce, balance with the flavor of the grill makes a perfect dish for your salad.

For those who aren’t familiar with tofu,  also known as bean curd is made from a condensed soybeans and was pressed into different shapes,  the process will give different degrees of firmness. The ones I like to use are the firm ones as it is easier to work with. It is tasteless, so for those you liked your meals to be tasty ( I know some of us do) be generous in adding spices/salt/soy sauce.

Ready to try?

Here are the ingredients:

2 packs of Ramiro Peppers ( each pack consist of 2 peppers)

2 cubes of firm Tofu ( I got mine from Wai Yee Hong)

Salt and white pepper to taste

1 egg ( whisked )

2 to 4 tbsp of SAMBAL Chili Sauce

1 tbsp Olive oil

To prepare:

  • Turn and heat your grill (BBQ grill/ Oven Grill 150ºC)
  • Make cavity on top of each pepper but don’t discard the skin. Wash.
  • Chopped the skin for later use
  • Mashed the Tofu, add SAMBAL Chili Sauce,  salt and pepper, egg and the chopped skin to a mixing bowl
  • Fill the fillings to into the pepper, brush it with olive oil
  • grill until cooked.


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