Recently I launched  SAMBAL Chili Sauce.

From my personal experience, chili sauce is good for one thing only, a relish. And then be kept on the larder until further use. Sometimes it stayed there for a long time and be forgotten.

And that is what I try to avoid. Sambal picture

I want my product to be an integral part of any cooking activities, to be used at all time all the time, to create excitement, to be engaging, to be a source of inspiration and to bring back the joy of cooking and healthy eating. I wanted it to be multipurpose and to add value to my customers’ kitchen.

We are all busy people and most of the time we have 1001 things to do and to keep up we need healthy but tasty food to fuel our body. However, the thought of laboring away in the kitchen is a daunting idea.  There are plenty of good recipes to help out,  and my product offers mums, dads, grandparents, partners, students  – in short-  for those in charge of the cooking that kind of assistance,  a simple tasty sauce that can be used either as a relish or as a base ingredient to cook healthy, tasty, freshly made and easy home-cooked meals within a short space of time and of course, pocket friendly.

So with my SAMBAL Chili Sauce, I created several recipes as a jump start for those who wanted to maximize the use of the sauce. Of course feel free to create your own SAMBAL Chili Sauce recipe and do share it with us, the SAMBAL lovers.

The process of trying out new recipes is the fun part. It needs to be 1) simple,  2) the ingredients must be accessible and easy to get even if it meant rummaging through the fridge and make do with what is available, and 3) not time-consuming.

Once all of the three rules were ticked, the final step is the taster.

My husband and my three children are my biggest critics, their hmmss… and aaahhsss… meant that the recipe is good. My product is dedicated to the Kings and Queens of the kitchen, the final test is to invite the real queens of their kitchen – my girlfriends – to be the final judge. They love to cook, loves to eat and have some valuable insights into superb homemade cooking.  Three words to describe this step: noisy, loving and inspiring!

Only after I received all the nods do I upload my recipe and hope that by doing so inspired others to create their own recipe using SAMBAL Chili Sauce.  So please do browse the recipes, and if you want to try out my SAMBAL Chili Sauce product you can always give me a shout.


Happy cooking!




2 Replies to “Tasting time!”

  1. Warming Winter Soup (Vegan)

    1 Whole Roasted Butternut Squash – peeled no seeds
    2 Roasted Sweet Potatoes – peeled
    2 roasted Orange Capsicum – no stalk or pips
    1 medium onion chopped
    I clove garlic chopped
    Salt & pepper to taste
    1 pint water
    1/2 jar Sambal sauce

    Saute Onions until soft. Add Sambal and chopped garlic and continue to sizzle for the flavour to release. Add the Butternut Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Capsicum and water and bring to the boil.
    Then gently blend using a hand blender.
    Allow soup to simmer gently only for a few minutes before serving and adding salt & pepper to your taste.

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