posterwonderfulindo_NEW-01finalEnggi’s Kitchen will participate at the third annual Bristol Indonesian Society titled “Wonderful Indonesia 2017”, at the Trinity Centre, Bristol BS2 0NW.

This year, Bristol Indonesian Society focus on promoting Indonesian tourism destination. With that in mind,  Enggi’s Kitchen will promote one place of tourist destination in Indonesia called Labuan Bajo is a fishing town located at the western end of Flores in the Nusa Tenggara region of east Indonesia.

283831_10150245832894499_4270252_nOnce a small fishing village, Labuan Bajo (also spelled Labuhanbajo and Labuanbajo) in Flores is now a busy bustling center of tourism. It is the launching point for trips to Komodo Island and Rinca Island, home to the famous Komodo dragons. Nearby Kanawa and Seraya Islands are a great opportunity to do some diving and snorkeling and every evening at Kalong Island thousands of flying fox bats put on an amazing display. Within a few hours of Labuan Bajo can be found several waterfalls, trekking, and many diverse beaches.

The town is quite small and can easily be traversed on foot (in 10–15 minutes). There are various interesting churches and a mosque. Ojeks (3,000-5,000 Rp) and bemos pass every 5 minutes if you get tired of walking. You can rent a motorcycle for 75,000 Rp. per day. There are now 4 working ATM’s in the town and the road is paved.

268608_10150245833199499_6052590_nKomodo Airport is located just 2 km from the center of Labuan Bajo and has 4-6 daily flights arriving from Bali. The port has daily ferry departures to Bima and weekly or bi-weekly departures to Denpasar and Sulawesi. (

A national dish from East Nusa Tenggara often served at breakfast time is Jagung Bose. The sweet and savory taste ( from the coconut milk) will energize your day. Although Jagung Bose can also be served at any time of the day. You will have the opportunity to taste this dish at Enggi’s Kitchen stall at the Wonderful Indonesian 2017 event.

jagung boseThis is a very simple dish to make:


  • 8 ounce of corn grains
  • 1 liter of water
  • 300 ml coconut milk
  • 1 ½ ounce red beans
  • 4 ounce of diced pumpkin ( you can alternate pumpkins with other butternut squash)
  • 1/2 tsp of salt


Steps to make Jagung Bose

  1. Soak the red beans for at least 24 hours, and then rinse.
  2. Boil the red bean in hot water until soft.
  3. Add the corn and diced pumpkin. Stir until is cooked.
  4. Lastly add the coconut milk and salt, stir a little bit more until the water is reduced. Turn off the heat.
  5. Served when is hot.

How to get to Labuanbajo:

KLM serve direct flight from Bristol Airport to Jakarta (Soekarno Hatta Airport) alternatively you can fly from Heathrow, London to Soekarno Hatta Airport), the Indonesian National Carrier, Garuda Indonesia serve direct flight from Heathrow to Soekarno Hatta Airport.

Once in Jakarta you must take another domestic flight to your final destination (Garuda or Lion Air) . Alternatively, you fly to Bali from UK and take a domestic flight to Labuan Bajo.

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