IMG_2874They say, ” you can take a girl out of her village, but you can’t take the village out of her”. Well, in my case, ” you can take me out of Indonesia, but you can’t take Indonesia out of me.”

I grew up in many different places and now I am a resident of Bristol, UK.  Each and every place that I have lived, food is an integral and important part of me. But my all time favorite is Indonesian food.

Talking about Indonesian dish one will need more than 365 days to sample all. There are 33 provinces in Indonesia and each area has their own unique cuisine. It is rich with ingredients, aroma and different methods of cooking.

ENGGI’S KITCHEN is a way of sharing my favorite Indonesian food and bringing the memories of my childhood back to my kitchen and onto the dining table of my clients.

I am not a trained cook, but I have a great passion for cooking. Every day is a day of enlightenment for me as I discover the richness of ingredients in Indonesian cooking. Traditional cooking methods pass down from generation to generation, the philosophy behind each dish, and the twist that each ingredient produce never ceased to surprise me.

Through this blog, I will periodically write about Indonesian ingredients, the origin of each Indonesian dishes, and a shared journey on my struggle as well as my triumph in my food business venture.

To close my first post, I would extend a warm welcome to my site and blog. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do.



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  1. Definitely the best Indonesian food out of Indonesia!
    Looking at the food photos, I can smell it from here, 8000 miles away….

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