Homemade Indonesian Street Food


ENGGI’S KITCHEN was established in June 2016,  a little happy kitchen situated in Bristol.

Enggi’s idea is to introduce Indonesian food to the lovely people in Bristol and to promote the iconic Indonesian street food with the use of local ingredients that can be found easily in the markets around Bristol.

Enggi chooses street food because it is an easy access for the public to try out or get in touch with the unique and distinctive taste of homemade ingredients.

To create an authentic Indonesian cuisine, ENGGI’S KITCHEN only uses fresh ingredients and no preservatives. Flavours ranging from sizzling chilies to aromatic lemongrass and galangal can be discovered in all of the menus produce by ENGGI’S KITCHEN.

ENGGI’S KITCHEN also caters to a private party up to 100 pax, happy to introduce a full range of Indonesian cuisine to any party interested in hosting an event with a different set of menu.




A regular Friday lunch time with our signature dish, Nasi Goreng and our Sambal as the condiment - at our stall off St. Nicholas Market, Bristol.

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