Introducing the ladies of Enggi’s Kitchen

ENGGI’S KITCHEN will not be as vibrant as it is today without the help and support of these two exceptionally talented ladies:

Ida Ayu Mesi – Isaac joined ENGGI’S KITCHEN in November 2017, like me she is not a trained cook but an engineer by profession back in Indonesia, she is retired now and occupy her time with the things she loves doing. She came to the United Kingdom 15 years ago to follow her heart. Amongst friends, she is known as the “cake lady” due to her ability and talent in baking amazing cakes – to name a few such as Pandan cake and Mojito cake.

Originally from Bali, the Island of God and Goddess Ida helped ENGGI’S KITCHEN to introduce Balinese cuisine to the public. Her vegetarian and vegan meals are slowly and steadily becomes the staple of our customers’ lunch item. Apart from baking and cooking she also has a knack for gardening.  She owns, runs and grows organic vegetables in Taunton. Some of  ENGGI’S KITCHEN vegetables are sourced from her Amberd Farm.

Nina S. Pearson a retired architect who moved to the United Kingdom in 2015, helped ENGGI’S KITCHEN to channel her passion for design. Her interest in graphic and web design has helped ENGGI’S KITCHEN in its presentation and admin for this website. Her story is recorded in her own blog: Nins Travelog.

Her precision and honesty keeps us in check and she is always equipped with fresh ideas that are valuable for ENGGI’S KITCHEN.

As you can imagine, behind the scene of ENGGI’S KITCHEN with three 50 something energetic ladies working,  the kitchen is never quiet and never short of ideas on ways to introduce homemade Indonesian Street Food to the public.

What better ingredients to have in the kitchen but laughter, and passion?